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Protect vehicles from high-pressure damage. 1 PSI is the industry standard for automotive leak testing.
Inline ON/OFF Switch, Detachable Plug, Safety Fuse, Nicest Clamps in the market, we’ve listened to you all and have continued to improve our power cables.
Specially designed and tapered to be the only smoke injection nozzle that you need.


  • High Performance, Premium Build: Made in the USA. Solid Thick Metal Construction for durability. Equipped with our brand new AutoLine Pro Ceramic Smoke Coil that outputs lots of smoke and lasts a lifetime.
  • Diagnose All Types Of Leaks With Adapters: Consistently smoke test EVAP systems, Vacuum leaks, low-pressure Turbo leaks, Intake Manifolds, Cooling / EGR / Exhaust Systems, worn rubber, gaskets, seals, connectors, and more! The tapered smoke injection nozzle fits into virtually all hoses and lines.
  • Precise And Safe: Engineered 100% safe for all vehicles. Thick Smoke output detects even the smallest leaks.
  • How Does It Work: (1) Fill with the included OEM Approved Smoke Fluid. The kit operates with the included OEM Approved Fluid or you may use your own USP Mineral Oil / Baby Oil. (2) Fasten the Power Cable (3) Connect your Air Supply. Any Size and Any Type of air compressor will work. (4) Check for Leaks with Smoke Detection Technology.


  • Brand: AutoLine Pro
  • Item Weight: 4.62 pounds
Weight 1 lbs