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Tired of not getting true 100% cotton rope? Most ropes today are sold as “cotton”, but contain polyester or acrylic fibers and dyes. When fibers other than cotton are used, this changes how the rope behaves. Golberg’s 100% Cotton Rope is GENUINE cotton, and nothing but that! Made from pure, USA-grown cotton fibers which create a strong, sturdy rope that’s perfectly safe for pet toys, pet leashes, horse heads and halters, other ranch animals, birds, and cat toys. In addition to using it with animals, it’s also great for wedding or household decor DIY projects, and anything else you can imagine.


  • You might have a hard time dying other “cotton” ropes, but not with Golberg’s Triple Twisted Natural Cotton Rope.
  • Our rope is untreated, unbleached, undyed, and made entirely from natural fibers which means it will easily take on any color you choose to dye it with.
  • Pure cotton fibers are fast-drying and naturally high-strength and low stretch, making this rope great for any task whether it be DIY or crafting or as tent line.
  • Soft to the touch yet tough enough to withstand practically anything you need it for, this twisted cotton rope is perfect for your pet, your DIY craft projects, your farm or ranch, your tent, restraints, tug of war, tire swing rope, curtain ties, jewelry, handles, bins, and so much more!


  • Brand: Golberg
  • Color: Off-White
  • Shape: 1/2″ Diameter
  • Size: 300′
Weight 1 lbs