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The HART 20V Automotive Hand Vac is a great portable solution for keeping your vehicle clean. This vacuum features a powerful motor to create enough suction to be able to clean up a large variety of messes. A lock-on switch allows for extended use while reducing user fatigue. The dust cup is designed to accept multiple vacuum attachments to give you greater access to small hard-to-reach areas within your car or home. This vacuum comes with a 2 ft. extension hose, dust brush, utility nozzle, crevice tool, and (2) pleated paper filters. The 20V Cordless Inflator with Needles and 20-inch Hose is an amazing tool to have around the house or in your vehicle’s emergency kit. Go from flat to full in under 7 minutes with an accurate reading within 1 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch). This inflator comes with a variety of accessories that includes a sports needle and 2 high-pressure nozzles. HART 20V Cordless 6-inch Buffer is an amazing addition to any car lover’s toolbox. This tool features a powerful motor delivering up to 4,400 RPM making polishing your vehicle a breeze. For extended use, this tool features a lock-on switch which helps reduce user fatigue. The elastic buffer bonnet makes switching pads easy, quick, and convenient so you can spend more time caring for your car. The included HART 20V 1.5 Ah Lithium-Ion battery is designed to be both lightweight and compact to provide long-lasting and fade-free power while reducing user fatigue.


Hart 20-Volt Cordless Automotive Hand Vac:

  • Dust cup nozzle accepts most vacuum accessories for a variety of applications
  • 2′ extension hose and accessories provide a complete vacuuming solution for tough to reach areas
  • 2 pleated paper filters were included for extended use between replacements
  • Lock-on switch for continuous use
  • Works with All HART 20V Batteries

Hart 20-Volt Cordless Inflator With 20-Inch Hose:

  • Inflates a flat to full tire in under 7 minutes
  • Enhanced accuracy with an illuminated digital gauge, accurate within 1 PSI
  • Operating range of 0-150 PSI
  • Nozzle accessories and on-board storage included for a variety of inflation needs
  • The attached 20″ hose provides extended reach
  • Inflates tires, sports equipment, and another small inflatable

Hart 20-Volt Lithium-Ion 1.5Ah Battery And 2Amp Fast Charger Accessory:

  • The 20V one battery system allows you to interchange the battery on all 20V HART products. It powers all HART 20V tools, outdoor, automotive, and lifestyle items
  • Charges 3X Faster
  • Fast 2 AMP charger
  • Compatible with all HART 20V batteries


  • Brand: Hart
  • Volts: 20 V
  • Material: ABS
Weight 1 lbs