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It’s time to let your digging dog dig! iFetch has created a positive outlet for your dog’s natural digging behavior. Simply load the iDig flaps with your pup’s favorite toys and treats, and let them dig, forage, and sniff out the treasure. No more digging in the yard, in your couch cushions, or in your clothes. Redirect them to the iDig and let them dig to their heart’s content!


  • Great mental stimulation for dogs of all sizes. The mental energy it takes to figure out how to find the hidden loot will tire them out just as much as physically digging.
  • The iDig creates a mess-free environment to let your dog explore. All of the treats are kept inside the toy, not on the floor. And all of the iDig flaps are machine washable. Simply unhook them from the base and throw them in the wash.
  • The iDig Go is also available – a collapsible, fabric version of the iDig Stay. If you have an aggressive digger or chewer, we recommend the iDig Stay over the iDig Go since the plastic base can hold up better to sharp claws and teeth. The iDig flaps are also replaceable.


  • Brand: iFetch
  • Color: Blue, White
  • Item Dimensions: 5.50 x 22.00 x 22.00 Inches
  • Item Weight: 4.80 Pounds
  • Circumference: 23 Inches
  • Size: Medium
Weight 1 lbs