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Onson Robot Vacuum, 2100Pa Robotic Vacuum Cleaner With Boundary Strips.


  • Powerful Suction Technology: 2100Pa MAX robot vacuum can absorb dust, debris, and dirt. The robotic vacuum also has the function of automatic carpet pressurization, which is easy to operate by remote control
  • Intelligent Cleaning System: 2.81″ low-grade design, effectively identifying furniture, obstacles, and stairs. Has a degree of climb of 12-15° for the robotic vacuum to cross the carpet. 0.5L large-capacity trash storage box, 2600mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Premium Features: Robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with infrared sensors, which can effectively identify furniture, obstacles, and stairs. Prevent unnecessary collision and adopt fall prevention technology to prevent falling. The automatic charging function ensures that it is always clean
  • Smart Cleaning Mode: Robot vacuum cleaner has a variety of optional cleaning modes and can use a vacuum zone including magnetic boundary strips. Quiet and silent(45dB~65dB)thorough cleaning, easy to clean when working, sleeping, or going out


  • Brand: Onson
Weight 1 lbs