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Pet Loo Portable Pet Potty is a portable indoor/outdoor potty for dogs and other pets that resembles a patch of grass. Urine seeps through the synthetic grass mat and runs down the slanted tray into the collection bin, preventing it from gathering below the surface causing bad smells and wet paws. The disposable Pee-Pod lines the collection bin and together with the Wee Sponge powder immediately absorbs and solidifies urine for a hassle-free and odor-free disposal. Simply scoop solid waste like in a normal backyard. With the Pet Loo, pets get the backyard they need without the space or inconvenience.


  • Ideal for housebreaking and perfect for apartments, homes with no yards, traveling with your pet, and more
  • No Wet Paws: Innovative drainage system and synthetic grass quickly drain urine away from the surface
  • Immediate Odor Control: Wee Sponge powder absorbs urine on contact and turns it into gel to trap odors
  • Reinforced base easily supports pet’s weight
  • Easy Cleanup with No Spillage: Pee-Pod tray lines collection bin and holds Wee Sponge for mess-free disposal
  • Replaces disposable pee pads for a more environmentally friendly solution


  • Brand: Pet Loo
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 33 x 33 x 5 In
  • Item Weight: 14.25 Lbs
  • Color: Green
  • Size: Large
Weight 1 lbs