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The Pondmaster AP-20 air pump is designed to oxygenate either pond or aquarium applications. The oil-less motor is designed to operate efficiently with low energy consumption. Can be used with 5/8 inch tubing to extend its range in pond applications, includes a diffuser that has 12 outlets, and connects to standard airline tubing. Creates a pressure of 5.8 psi and pumps to a depth of 10 ft.


  • Oxygenating ponds, aquariums & hydroponic systems for a cleaner aquatic environment
  • Promoting healthier fish and aquatic plant life as well as increasing the breakdown of fish waste
  • Preventing icing over in outdoor ponds
  • ETL listed with a 6′ grounded power cord


  • Brand: Pondmaster
  • Item Dimensions: 7x 6 x 9 Inches
  • Item Weight: 5 Pounds
Weight 1 lbs