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The Petmate Extreme Log Cabin provides an outdoor shelter for pets year-round. Featuring a weather-resistant construction, the dog cabin’s sealed protective coating, off-center entrance, raised floor and slanted asphalt roof keep pets comfortable and dry throughout the year. The solid wood and stainless-steel hardware provide long-lasting, durable protection for pets. The pet log cabin’s adjustable feet balance easily on various types of surfaces for simple, worry-free placement. Made with a wood finish and black edges, the Extreme Log Cabin’s traditional design provides a beautiful addition to any backyard. The cabin assembles easily in three quick steps. The Extreme Log Cabin is available in small, medium, large, and giant to accommodate all sizes of pets.


  • Slanted, weather-resistant asphalt roof repels rain and snow
  • Adjustable feet provide stability on uneven surfaces for simple, stress-free placement
  • Since introducing the first dog kennel over 50 years ago, Petmate has gone to great lengths to continue improving the lives of pet owners everywhere with a line of quality products made in the USA
  • Featuring a weather-proof construction, the Extreme Log Cabin’s sealed coating, raised floor, and slanted roof keep pets comfortable and dry year-round.
  • For versatile placement in any yard, the Extreme Log Cabin’s adjustable feet allow stability on a variety of surfaces.
  • Available in four different sizes, the Extreme Log Cabin can accommodate a wide range of pets.


  • Type: Pet House
  • Brand: Precision
  • Dimensions: 45.5 x 26.5 x 32.8 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Product Features: Double-layer canvas for improved temperature control
  • Color: Natural Wood
Weight 1 lbs