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The Tumbo Travel Trolley is a unique aerial dog containment system utilizing a solid aluminum slider for easy movement along the overhead lightweight kevlar line with a stretchable coiled cable lead line with a detachable leash and also an anti-shock “power coil” to avoid injury in the event of a fast run to the end of the line. All this in an easy-to-pack included travel pouch to take with you on the go.


  • Incredibly Easy To Set Up: The Tumbo Travel Trolley comes with all components needed for a fast and easy 1 person setup up. Our pre-looped carabiner connected Kevlar mainline is extremely lightweight and is easy to attach to a secure connection point and then quickly sets up on the opposite side with our ratchet action tensioning device for a super tight non-sagging line without any rope cutting or hard to use U-bolts
  • Anti-Shock Coiled Lead Line: Our plastic-coated galvanized steel coiled cable lead line is not only tough with an over 900 lb breaking strength it also offers the safety factor of anti-shock to help your dog with a softer slow down at the end of the line versus a harsh tug of a standard cable
  • Less Tangling: Our coiled lead line offers more tangle-free roaming time while constantly extending and retracting as your dog travels allowing it to avoid being wrapped around any obstacles that may be present. This is especially helpful while on camping trips or outings to a park when things like picnic tables and chairs may be present
  • Exclusive Solid Aluminum Slider: Our unique tumbo smooth gliding aluminum slider replaces the standard pulley found on most overhead dog trolley tie-outs that typically rust and bind up at some point during their life. Our slider does exactly that-slides and glides along the cable for effortless movement along the length of the line
  • Tough Quality Components: All of our parts are either galvanized steel, nickel-plated steel, aluminum/stainless steel, or kevlar. All of this adds up to years of trouble and corrosion-free use. The Tumbo Travel Trolley is something that has been designed to be bought for life, a quality that is often lost on today’s cheaply made disposable products


  • Brand: Tumbo
  • Size: Medium
  • Item Dimensions: 75 x 7 x 17 Ft.
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Material: Nylon
  • For Pet Weight Max: 150 Pounds
Weight 1 lbs