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The Razor Electronic Ear Muffs with Walkie Talkie 2 pack feature a 23dB noise reduction rating and sound-activated compression technology that protects your ears from loud gunfire, while still allowing you to hear range commands and other shooters. The ultra-low profile design fits comfortably around your ears and won’t take up much space in your range bag. Includes two Walker’s Razor Electronic Ear Muffs with Walkie Talkies that have 22 channels and a 2-3 mile range.


  • Ultra-low profile ear cups
  • 23dB noise reduction rating
  • Sound-activated compression technology
  • 2 hi-gain omnidirectional microphones
  • Audio input jack
  • Low noise/frequency tuned for natural sound clarity
  • Volume control
  • Compact folding design
  • Walkie Talkie custom-designed to integrate onto the Razor muff
  • 22 channels
  • 2-3 mile range
  • Push to talk and voice activation


  • Brand: Walker’s
  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 5.5 x 7.5 Inches
Weight 1 lbs